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Kickstart My App

Kickstart your app today.

Kickstart My App goal is to create a platform for app owners to take their apps to market, Mobile App Analytics and gain feedback from users for App Reviews
Kickstart My App
Kickstart My App
Kickstart My App | Best Mobile App Analytics & App Reviews


 Increased Downloads 

We’ve built patented software that allows app owners to join our ratings and review process at the click of a button.

 Increased App Analytical Data 

Kickstart My App allows you to gain invaluable app data such as crash data, bugs and analytical data from thousands of different phone models

 Gain Invaluable Feedback 

Gain industry feedback directly from users who understand what it’s like to be app owners.


Our Goal

Our goal is to create a doorway for app owners and developers to take their apps to market, and to give your apps the best opportunity to be as successful as we know they can.

Kickstart My App

Basic requirements

Apps need to meet our basic requirements in order to be accepted onto Kickstart to guarantee a positive experience for our users. The good news is, our basic requirement is simple: Your app must be free to download

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